Repair, upgrade, and build your PC.


Virus and malware Removal

If your PC is infected with a virus or malware, we can remove it and get it back to working order. Malware is constantly updating and changing, so should your protection. With anti-virus we will keep you safe and secure, even after we service your PC.

Data recovery and backup

Losing your pictures is a terrible thing. If your computer is unable to function or if you just want to backup your data just in case, we can help. If you have purchased a new computer, and want your old data on your new pc, we can transfer it for you.

Custom Builds

Buying a computer is one thing, but building one is another. We can custom build you your own PC, allowing you to focus on the performance you want, and even pick your own case to house your custom built PC. Custom builds can vary greatly in terms of performance and power, and build you a basic desktop for basic use, all the way up to a powerhouse meant for gaming.

Computer running slow?

PC's slow down over time, but it's not just because of the age of the machine. As you use your computer, over time it builds up "junk data" and will begin to slow down on certain processes, including boot-up. Even new computers can go faster if you remove some of the programs that come pre-installed. Let us give your PC a tune-up and back up to speed.


Just like a car, you can upgrade your desktop over time. We can add more storage for your data, more RAM to speed up your desktop, or install a new video card for better performance on the visual front.

Stay safe with anti-virus

We can install anti-virus software to help protect your pc, stopping malware before it starts.

PC not turning on?

Nothing is more aggravating than pushing the power button, and nothing happening. If your laptop or desktop has suddenly stopped turning on, we can get to the root of the problem and get it working again. In the event of irreparable damage, we can recover your data off of the hard drive.

Home Networking

You want your internet to be fast and reliable, we can help. Router placement is important, and setting up your router, range extenders, and other devices to your network isn't fun. We can set it up for you and give you peace of mind.

Start from scratch

Sometimes you just want a do-over, we can restore it to a clean slate. After rebooting to original conditions, we can remove unwanted programs so that it's even faster than the day you got it.